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Biomechanical Assessment

Why would I need a Biomechanical Assessment?

In normal walking it is necessary for the foot to exhibit the following characteristics.

•    Shock absorption
•    Provision of a stable base for propulsion

As the foot lands on the ground in walking it is necessary for the foot to absorb the shock of ground impact. If impact shock is not absorbed the reaction forces are transmitted up the limb and may cause knee, hip or back problems.
The propulsive phase of walking requires the foot to assume the properties of a rigid lever.

Failure of the foot to act effectively as a shock absorber or rigid lever often results in secondary pathology such as :-

•    Foot pain
•    Joint deformity i.e. bunions, hammer toes & claw toes
•    Hard skins and corns
•    Damaged / thickened nails

What can I expect at my appointment?

A biomechanical assessment lasts an hour and looks at foot and lower limb function- PLEASE BRING A PAIR OF SHORTS FOR THIS.

The appointment may involve taking a Plaster of Paris cast of the foot in order to prescribe orthotics (a device contained within the shoe that corrects foot function).

Alternatively a non-casted device of a more accommodative, but less corrective nature may be ordered.

For an older person plagued with painful corns or hard skin on the sole of the foot, with limited joint mobility, simple insoles would be more appropriate – this would not require a full biomechanical assessment.

How much does it cost?

Biomechanical Assessment: £65

Custom Made Orthotics:  Circa £180

Please note that either type of device/insole can only be fitted in shoes that have sufficient room to accommodate both the feet and the device and have a secure fastening such as a lace, Velcro strap or buckle.