Micro-suction carried out by a trained professional is a safe methoed of removing ear wax. it involves a small probe carefully inserted into the ear canal which gently draws the wax out. Micro-suction is a safe alternative to ear syringing and because it is a dry procedure it can be used even if you have a pre existing ear infection or perforated ear drum. Olive oil application is not required.


About Shindler

Shindler Sandhu is a trained and highly experienced therapist. he has practised locally since 2005, seeing clients at Ocean Health with a wide variety of hearing problems. he also helps clients who want to delay the onset of further hearing loss. Shindler is passionate about his work, both its quality ans safety and he takes pride in giving clients excellent service. He believes it to be very important to listen carefrully to his clients before reccomending products or treatments. Shindler is Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) registered.


Clinic Information

Clinics are held on Tuesday Afternoons from 14:00hrs until 16:00hrs. 



Please ask at reception for more information, or alternatively call 01202 756256.