Ocean Health is a private healthcare company providing a range of medical treatments and fitness programmes. Founded by the doctors at Westbourne Medical Centre, our team comprises of experienced and qualified healthcare professionals.

The History of Ocean Health

The concept of Ocean health came from Dr Robert Schuster Bruce, who in 1997 was involved with helping two friends set up a team to row a boat across the Atlantic from Tenerife to Barbados. It was the first ever Chay Blythe Atlantic challenge race.

He worked with a team of physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, fundraisers and helpers to aid in preparing his two friends for this challenge.

They rowed non-stop, two hours on and two hours off for 73 days.
They were well-prepared and looked in fine shape on arrival in Barbados.
The two years it took to prepare demonstrated that with the right team behind you ordinary performance can be improved to outstanding performance.

Dr Schuster Bruce states that his involvement inspired him to apply the same principle of maximising performance to medical practice. Ocean health was launched that same year with a view to providing this help and philosophy to our customers as an extension to existing healthcare services.

Ocean Health intends to continue to develop a range of services accessible to the community we live in. Any feedback is welcome and we hope you enjoy and benefit from the Ocean health experience.